Wait List

Once all application documentation is received, you will be placed on a wait list using the date of departure from your prior duty station as your eligibility date. All documents must be provided within 10 days of your application submission. You will be placed on "Admin" hold, until all documentation is received.

Applicants who apply after 30 days of arrival to the new duty station are placed on a wait list using the application date as the eligibility date. All supporting documents must be provided at the time of application. If documents are not supplied at the time of application, the eligibility date will reflect the date that all documentation is received. No one can be offered a home until all supporting documentation is received.

If a home is unavailable to you at the time of arrival, you will be placed on a wait list and contacted directly when a home becomes available to you. A completed housing application accompanied by all required documents must be received in order to be placed on the wait list. Wait lists are offered in accordance with the Service Member's rank and number of qualified dependents/family size.


Housing Assignment

Once a home is available to you, a Resident Specialist will contact the Service Member with an offer for the home assignment via the contact information provided on the application. If any contact information should change during this process, it is the responsibility of the Service Member to contact the Balfour Beatty Communities Management Office to provide contact information updates. If the resident, spouse, or unit does not respond within 5 business days of initial contact the Service Member will be removed from the wait list due to non-contact. Once a Resident Specialist makes contact with the Service Member, the Service Member will have 2 business days to respond back to the Resident Specialist. If this offer is declined or there is no response from the Service Member within the 2 business days, the offer will be considered to be declined. We will allow you to remain on the wait list until you decline two separate offers for a home.

For more information regarding the housing wait list or to check your wait list status, please contact the  Management Office.